Republic of South Africa.

South Africa: Facts, Culture, Government, History & More

Mostly, the entire of South Africa‚Äôs landscape is known as plateaus as it is covered by high and flat areas. Johannesburg is typically the most populous and famous city in South Africa. The government of South Africa, Sars in cape town has been a democratic republic. 

Facts About South Africa:

Did you know? The official name of South Africa is the Republic of South Africa.

  • The major capitals known in the country are: Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.
  • There is not one but various kinds of different languages spoken such as Afrikaans English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Northern Sotho, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga and more.
  • Major mountains include Drakensberg along with one major river naming Limpopo, 

If we broadly talk about the geography of South Africa, it is very well known to the fact that these lands here are covered with rolling grasslands, called highveld, and tree-dotted plains called bushveld.

Facing to the east, south, and west of the plateau lands is a mountainous region called the Great Escarpment. The eastern range, called the Drakensberg, or Dragon’s Mountain, is filled with jagged peaks is at very much height and altitude. 

Interestingly, South Africa also has another country within its borders. Nestled in the Drakensberg is the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho. 


Government: SARS

If we talk about governmental issues of South Africa, it is clearly stated that it is a parliamentary representative democratic republic, wherein the President of South Africa has been elected by the parliament and the head of government along with multi-party system. Sars is one such thing which has sars power of attorney and it has been a democratic republic since holding its first truly open election on April 27, 1994. The various natural resources, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing have made South Africa the largest economy on the continent. Although the nation still abides with the problems of unemployment, poverty, and AIDS present huge challenges for the government. The laws are easily abide over the citizens of the country, if ever been committed to a crime a citizen can easily move and easyfile a case against the criminal. The actions taken are officially strict, and rules are well followed. 

Government SARS
Government SARS


Considering the north side of South Africa, which consists of Johannesburg, there is a wide cave that is built, typically called Sterkfontein. About 24,000 years ago, tribes of hunter-gatherers known as the San, or Bushmen, began moving into South Africa, Out of which few must still be alive and  much as their ancestors did, around the Kalahari Desert in the northwest.

In the 1400s, European ships that headed towards the far East began stopping on the South African coast for supplies. Later in 1806, wars in Europe left the British in control of the Cape Town colony. Moving forward to the year of 1910, the British united four colonies in the region and created country- South Africa. They established laws which were truly separated whites from black South Africans, a practice of segregation called apartheid, which led to decades of conflict. Later in 1963, Nelson Mandela, head of the anti-apartheid African National Congress, was given a life sentence in jail for “terrorist” activities. In 1990, after 27 years behind bars, he was freed. Finally after all the mess that was created and wars that were fought, in 1994, Mandela was elected president of South Africa.

Culture And Nature Of South Africans!

There is variety of people which help making up South Africa, each with their own language and history. The country consists of11 official languages and many more unofficial ones. This colorful mix of cultures gives South Africa its nickname “rainbow nation.” Native citizens are said to be truly passionate about music and expressing their social and political ideas. South Africa tends to work for preserving its wildlife with dozens of protected land and marine areas, which includes the famous Kruger National Park in the north side. The government Sars in cape town is helping much with the formation and development of the country. Nevertheless, sars power of attorney

has affected many of South Africa’s animals are hurt by illegal hunting and loss of habitat, and dozens of species are in danger of extinction, including the black rhinoceros, the cheetah, and the African wild dog.