A Detailed Array About The Working of SARS: Tax And More!

The mission of SARS is to clearly optimise the revenue yield, with the facilitation of trade in order to enlist new tax contributors by promoting awareness to comply with South African tax with the power of attorney sars. It also helps to provide quality and responsive service to the public.The head of SARS has been recently announced on 28th March 2019, the resident Cyril Ramaphosa appointed Mr Edward Kieswetter as the Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service. 

Vision And Value of SARS!



The SARS is typically responsible for administration and tax with custom legislation in South Africa. The vision of South African government is to have an innovative revenue and customs agency which is clearly able to enhance the  economic growth and social development that supports the country’s integration into the global economy.

Value of SARS:

  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Fairness and Equity
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Transparency and openness
  • Courtesy and Commitment

SARS: Power of Attorney!

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney

The south african revenue service exposed a revenue collection with the shortfall of sars special power of attorney with approximately 14.6 billion within the financial year.This makes it the fifth consecutive year that the organisation has missed its collection targets. Although, it is not clear that it seems to have a growing disparity between Treasury projects and tax revenue at the start of SARS innate ability to meet certain set targets. While the revenue collection is R14.6 billion short of the revised R1.3 trillion target set during the year of 2019 with a proper  Budget Speech in February, SARS actually missed the collection target set during the 2018 Budget Speech in February of last year by substantially more. Revenue collection is, in fact, R57.4 billion less than Treasury’s initial target of R1.345 trillion.

With the consideration and proper research of affidavit template, there are certain collection results which are compared to the original estimate with a year prior to their actual results. The percentage has gradually increased over the years jumping from 3.9% along with peaking during the current financial year at over 4%. 

Considering sars special power of attorney could in part be explained by low economic growth, the numbers discussed are in fact extremely high, and they need to attribute some of this lost revenue to the fact that Sars is still operating inefficiently and struggling to collect on taxes.

Another clear sign that Sars’s inefficiencies have not been solved yet, is the amount of money lost last year as a result of the backlog in VAT refunds. At the Mid-Term Budget Policy Statement in October 2018, it was revealed that the figure was under-estimated in October and that the actual figure is about R8 billion more.

Lastly, one important number that also gives us a glimpse into the efficiency of Sars together with taxpayers morality is the tax buoyancy figure. This figure also tends to  describe the relationship between total revenue collections growth and economic growth.

Compliance With SARS!

Compliance With SARS
Compliance With SARS

According to the compliance filing with SARS, in respect to have VAT dropped, there is undoubtedly some light at the tunnel of SARS government with a thought of focusing on renewed and efficiency of its new commissioner. Although there are no guarantee from the organisation about its crucial economy plug-in. The best starting point of this would be taken a long hard goals that are set for the organisation for the display of optimism and current revenue collection for the target.