Tax Implications on Fragrance Imports

Picking out a new fragrance for yourself, or someone else can feel like the most daunting of shopping experiences. The taxation market is wildly oversaturated, and sniffing strips of scented paper is about as fun as watching ice melt, with a higher risk of a headache. To cut through the clutter, taxation personnel have selected ten standout scents that you’ll want to wear through and beyond—not to mention the scent on someone else. No cheesy gift sets or celebrity potions here, just bottles that smell as expensive as they look. Bonus: You won’t have to venture past the department-store counter, or your computer, to find them. Tax experts should start by learning more about the different families of notes used in most perfumes to determine which family you like most. Once SARS knows what kind of smell is your favorite, look for a fragrance that contains your preferred base.

It’s not a good idea to base your top male perfume choice solely on the description of a fragrance. For example, you may already know that you don t like musk perfumes, but you may be surprised to find out that you like a fragrance that contains musk, as you cant detect it in the final scent after all.
Many tax experts try new fragrances on their wrists, but metal jewelry alters the way a perfume smells. If you want to try a scent before you buy, spray it on the top of your arms and wear it for the rest of the day.
If you re using blotting papers to try fragrances, always wait for the scent to be completely dry before smelling it. Another way to see if the fragrance is a long-lasting one is to toss the blotting paper into your purse or pocket and feel it again a couple of hours later.

Don t try too many fragrances one after another, as this may cause your senses to become overwhelmed. Tax consultants should consider their skin type when they choose a fragrance. If you have dry skin, for example, the scent tends to dissipate quicker, so a highly concentrated perfume would work well for you. Alternatively, if your skin is on the oily side, any fragrance will last longer. The concentration of a perfume dictates how long the scent lasts on your skin. The main fragrance types on the market include eau de cologne, eau de toilette, Eau de perfume, and perfume. The higher the concentration, the higher the price.

Perfume Types Used By Tax Consultants

Eau de cologne: This is the least concentrated version of the fragrance, and it contains 3 to 5 percent perfume oil mixed in alcohol and water.
Eau de toilette: Eau de toilette contains about the same concentration as eau de cologne, but the perfume oil is only mixed with alcohol.
Eau de parfum: More expensive than the first two concentrations, Eau de parfum, contains approximately 15 to 18 percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol.
Perfume: Perfume contains the highest percentage of perfume oil, approximately 15 to 19 percent, and it lasts on your skin all day long.