Individual and Consumption Taxes

Important Terms To Know

A fiscal tax year runs from july 1 through june 30; a tax roll year refers to the fiscal tax year. Five-pay plan. A five-year payment plan that allows defaulted property taxes to be paid in 20 percent increments of the redemption amount, with interest, along with the current year property taxes annually. Four-pay plan. A four-year payment plan that allows prior year escaped assessments to be paid in 20 percent increments of the escaped property taxes, without penalties or interest, along with the current year property taxes annually. Impound/escrow account. An account a taxpayer establishes with his/her lender to pay property taxes. Military orders. The documentation required for military personnel to apply for relief of property tax penalties. Pay online. To make an electronic payment for property taxes via the department of treasurer and tax collector’s website. Prior year. The property taxes that have defaulted or escaped during the prior fiscal tax year. Property tax postponement. A state program offered to senior, blind, or disabled citizens to defer their current year property taxes on their principal residence if they meet certain criteria. Supplemental tax estimator. A tool to estimate the expected amount of supplemental secured property taxes on a recent purchase of property.

Tax personnel are always available to answer questions by phone and email. Your property taxes can still be paid using either the online payment system (make online payments by clicking here ), phone payment system (by calling 951-955-3900) or make payments by sending in a check, money order or cashier’s check by mail.

As a result of the coronavirus (covid-19) and to safeguard employees and customers, tax personnel are strongly encouraging taxpayers and customers to conduct tax collector business transactions — including paying real estate property taxes, tangible personal property taxes, local business taxes, auto tag registrations “renew express” and auto tag registrations “gorenew” — online, instead of visiting the public service office in person. The date for citizens and businesses to pay property taxes can also be adjusted.  Substantial penalties and fees apply. This order does not waive penalties or fees for delinquent real estate property taxes from previous years. Pay taxes online. Pay real estate property tax. Pay tangible personal property tax. Pay local business tax.
The most common itemized deductions also include:. Deduction for state and local taxes paid. Also known as the salt deduction , it allows taxpayers to deduct up to $10,000 of any state and local property taxes plus either their state and local income taxes or sales taxes. Covered tax return means your federal (excluding non-resident), state, and local tax returns for the tax year stated on the worry-free guarantee certificate that are prepared by a jackson hewitt tax service tax preparer and are dated the same date of the certificate.